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Catapult Entertainment Shadow Illusion dance theater company


Catapult offers a variety of community outreach programs which are available for children and adults.  To book a workshop, or community outreach experience, please contact

Catapult Entertainment Shadow Illusion dance theater company
Catapult Entertainment Shadow Illusion dance theater company

Catapult Residency

The company spends 3-5 days at your theater and can offer a mix of the below community outreach programs

Catapult Kids Show 

A 45 minute mini-concert appropriate for school shows with a comprehensive study guide for teachers and students accompanied a Q & A with performers and director afterwards.

Catapult Shadow Workshop

A one hour class in which students learn the basics of  shadow-shape making and collaboration behind the screen. The class is taught by company members and is available for up to 35 students. (please see shadow workshop requirements)

Catapult Lecture Demonstration

A 45 – 60 minute presentation which includes complete shadow dances; explanations and introductions; audience interactions and participation and Q&A afterwards.

A Comprehensive Study Guide for teachers and

students is available.

Catapult Professional Immersion

Students at the High School or College level with Dance, Sports or Acting experience are invited to learn and perform one dance as part of a local Catapult performance. There is an audition; rehearsals and a live performance. Students will join us for bows. This program is available as part of a Catapult residency.

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